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a new reason to hate cats

i knew that people who kept cats were strange.
at least now i won’t have to get an ulcer wondering why

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no good invention goes unpunished

while recovering from my recent knee surgery, i’ve been on crutches with no respite in sight. needless to say, i’ve become frustrated while asking other people to carry my coffee, tote my barges and lifting my bales. so i came up with this idea:
crutch coffee cup holdercoffee in holder
there’s nothing you can’t do with some copper tubing and wire cutters.

i thought this would be a million $$$ idea, and was getting ready to call starbucks … until this.

12 yrs too late. damn you google.

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happy rotter endings

i know; i butchered the title… but, who needs all those potential ‘hits‘??

i just re-read the last HP book and want to throw in my $0.02 regarding the ending of the soontobereleasedsuperspecialseventhandfinal(noreallyitisover)volume from ms.rowling.

most folks think that harry, himself, is the final horcrux — or, piece of voldemort’s soul. that seems most likely to me as well. but, rather than being killed or sacrificing himself to destroy voldy; harry will lose his powers and become a REAL boy.

that would be much nicer than killing the poor bloke, AND make sure that he doesn’t have any further adventures.

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latest in science readings

i had a tendency to place my ‘professional’ readings in other places… but, this seems like to be as good a place as any — and i can post from anywhere…

check out in search of memory by eric.kandel. aside from the fact that i always enjoyed his seminars when i postdoc’d at columbia, this book reminds me of an old favorite, the understanding of the brain by sir.john.c.eccles! [ok, ok, i know it dates me.. read on]

i definitely read richard.dawkins,
how a scientist changed the way we think; which was a treat — but, i refuse to read the language of god by francis.collins. [on principle… even if he did show up on].

i also re-read 2 books over the past couple of weeks… first off was the island of the colorblind by oliver.sacks — author of an anthropologist on mars — i suppose i like his work because he illustrates the remarkable adaptiveness of human biology and the human spirit.

speaking of the human spirit, i also picked up my old dogeared copy of b.f.skinner‘s walden two. i’ve probably read this book 20 times (pretty scary, eh?) and it always causes me to check out the twin oaks community in virginia … just to make sure it’s still there…

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